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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

The process of improving number of visitors on the website taking desirable action is known as Conversion Rate Optimization.

The actions will include subscribing to a service, purchasing a product, filling a form and many others. The understanding of how visitors move through the site and the kind of steps they take is included in it.


Website conversion is a general term used to describe the fact that a visitor has successfully completed the goal of the website. A website can serve many purposes, and it is important to determine the primary goal for the existence of the website. Once a visitor fulfills the primary purpose, it is said to be macro-conversion. On the other hand, a user signing up for email and adding the product to cart are micro-conversions.

E-commerce Conversion Rate

The ecommerce conversion rate would be the ratio of a user completing the goal and the total site traffic. In other words, it is the percentage of users being converted from the total number of users visiting the website.

Conversion Rate Optimization for websites is different than the SEO conversions which focuses on clicks on the website from organic search results.
For example, calculating the conversion rate for ecommerce websites would be the ratio of number of times the user purchases the product by the number of times they visit the website. The conversion rate for a subscription website would include the ratio of number of subscription by number of unique users.

Increasing Conversion Rate

There are a number of ways to increase conversion rate for your website. To improve conversion rates, it is essential to know what you’re optimizing. Testing with different methods, you can determine what exactly your users respond to and then use that information to increase your rates. Testing would include the design of the website and the content of the website which appeals to the customers. One example is A/B testing where two comparisons of two website design is made to see which design attracts more number of customers. The value proposition of the website can be increased with the help of testing a number of things on the webpage.

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