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Announcing Gridle.chat: Free & limitless enterprise grade chat-client!

We get it,
Your team loves conventional chat clients. They kill the traditional email system for internal communication and keep you on top of your work with smooth flow of information. But the chat clients you use like Slack & Hipchat are not for free.

But they are already free, you say!

We know you think that and we urge you to think again, because they are not. There’s always a catch like limited message history, limited integrations or limited file-space which will not work for you long term and eventually, you will end up buying a paid subscription.

Why that model does not work?

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s absolutely important that all your team-members are on the same page, at all times. When Slack’s basic plan charges $8 per user per month, every time you need to add a team-member, you have to think about it. Sometimes, you choose not to add them. More often than not, you probably work with a lot of people outside your company as well, like:

  • Vendors
  • Accountants & Lawyers
  • Investors
  • Partners & other Stakeholders

Slack makes you pay for all of them and also limits on how you can interact with them under Guest accounts. Bid good-bye to that.

Introducing Gridle.chat!

Enterprise Grade Chat client that is truly free forever & limitless.
The idea behind gridle.chat is really simple and aligns with our philosophy that something as simple as team communication should be free & it is every team’s right to have a tool like that. There are no limits on Users, Integrations, Devices, Messages, Projects or File-space. There are no strings attached.

Here’s how we compare with others. High & to the left!

Gridle-chat Vs. Rest of the world!

Gridle.chat has a parent product called Gridle.io, which already serves over 12K+ customers globally. With Gridle.chat, we just want to make sure that you don’t hesitate while adding your team-members, vendors or interns; just because the current model is cost-sensitive.

Here’s how it looks!

So hop on to the ride of limitless Productivity with your team now!
PS: It’s not ad-supported either, in case you’re trying to crack the code ;)

Our Best,
The Team,

Team Gridle

Team Gridle

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