A Thank You Letter to the Most Amazing Women We Work With

While you might think it’s another clichéd Women’s Day post, it’s a reminder that womanhood is something that’s meant to be celebrated each day because women in today’s world are a paragon of strength and total independence, and are more aware of the need to be so in every sense of the word.

Today’s women preach that in the end, it’s you who can help yourself. They’ve changed the perception of being a women for all of us and have constructed an entirely new place for themselves.

Here’s a big shout out to the young, cheerful and talented women at Gridle.

Just like the seven colours of rainbow, you make our lives colourful and beautiful.

You motivate us to perform better, guide us to adhere to our values, inspire us with your sincerity and lead us with your vision.

An organisation with no women will never know the wondrous results when grace and compassion go hand in hand.

We, at Gridle, are fortunate to have a bunch of passionate and ever enthusiastic women, working in different spheres, from designing, development to marketing.

We not only believe in women empowerment but also incorporate these principles in our day to day operations. Our workforce comprises of 47% female employees as compared to 33%, which are the industry standards. This not only balances the male to female ratio in our organisation, but also maintains a healthy and happy environment at work.

Plus, we’ve got the most amazing Co-Workers!

This Women’s Day, we appreciate the efforts you put in to make each task effortlessly successful with your ability to handle tough situations so calmly and intelligently.

Gridle is one of those lucky organisations to be co-founded by a female entrepreneur, Anupama, who also leads our Tech Team. She is a constant source of inspiration for not only us, but all the women out there who know no boundaries.

Thank you for being our muse!

We adore you, cherish you and respect you.
Happy Womens Day!

Team Gridle

Team Gridle

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